About Witko Inc:

A Midwest Contract Packager

Witko Inc. is a contract packager located in north central Indiana. Since 1992, we’ve been operating our company with the same values we were raised on: honesty, integrity, hard work, and treating people fairly.

Our centrally located Midwest facility means your products can ship to over 65% of the United States in less than 48 hours, thus increasing efficiency and lowering transportation costs.  While our location is a strong advantage we can offer, we feel our Midwest values are just as important and can be just as beneficial when it comes to making sure your project is done right and on time.


When you work with Witko, you can expect:

Turnkey, custom contract packaging solutions.

Every product is unique, which means every package design needs to be unique. Our team will help you create a custom package for your products and oversee the entire project from the initial package design to the final shipment of a finished product and handle it all in house.


“Yes men” who are on your side.

We love a challenge and hate the word “no.” When other contract packagers tell you what you’re asking for can’t be done, we’ll make it happen and help you find a solution that’s best for your business.


Quality work and attention to detail.

When we say “we will do whatever it takes to make it happen”  we mean it.  I know it’s just words when you read it now, but give us a chance to prove to you that we mean what we say and you will soon learn our Midwest values run through the entire plant in every department.  We REALLY do appreciate our customers so please and thank you are spoken often and with sincerity! 

Are you ready to discover contract packaging solutions for your products?

Whether you have a packaging design ready to go or are looking for a turnkey solution, Witko is your contract packaging partner!

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