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contract packaging

Stretch Pak
Witko’s award-winning Stretch Pak combines a high impact printed card to fit your product, while the Dupont Surlyn® high clarity film locks the product in place and provides a full 360 degree view of the product while still in the package.
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Blister Packs and Clamshells
Beauty and the beast. That is the best way to describe Witko’s blister and clamshell packaging solutions. Not only can they provide a beautiful, clear presentation of your product, the rigid blister also protects and discourages pilfering.
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stretch pak

Consumer Focus:
Senior-friendly packaging
In 2008, the first of 76 million baby boomers will begin reaching retirement age. “Boomers” have very specific packaging needs. Type on labels should be larger, so it’s easier to read. Packages should be easy to open. Witko’s Stretch Pak with a perforated easy open feature satisfies seniors and retailers.
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Contract Packaging, PLA Film, Surlyn, Stretch Pak & More

Where do you want to go with your next package? The best place is straight into the hands of your target customer. First, however, you’ve got to find the right package and get it on the shelf of your retail partners.

Easy, right? It is if you have the right packaging partner. Which is where Witko comes in. We specialize in providing turnkey contract packaging solutions for consumer and industrial products. With our help, you can focus on what you do best—making and marketing your products—while we do what we do best—designing, sourcing, producing, packaging. No more having to chase down answers and delivery dates from different departments and different suppliers. We handle it all for you.

And, we make it easy with creative thinking, detailed project management and a “can do” attitude. With Witko, you no longer have to invest hundreds of hours in managing your packaging. We do it for you, quickly and affordably.

Witko is your complete source for packaging solutions, contract packaging, pla film, stretch pak and surlyn.

Need to compete without adding to your overhead?
Packaging on demand gives you an edge.
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Witko Incorporated Offers Contract Packaging, PLA Film, Stretch Pak, Stretch Card, Surlyn & Plastic Suppliers
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